This section of Home Racing World is where technical hints and modeling help may be found. These are in no way "the" best way to do things, rather a feature of techniques that myself and other enthusiasts have found to be either quick, inexpensive or both! This section will grow steadily so check back often. I hope you find a few things inside that help you get the most out of your hobby!


Our New Artin Home Layout From Start To Finish! 

Choosing Your First Track Artin Oval Racing Homegrown Trucks Adding Figures
Artin Upgrades Part One Tire Sanding Made Easy "Race-Able" Scenery Part 1 "Race-Able" Scenery Part 2
Clean and Adjust Braid Carrera Power Base Exposed New Power Supply Building a 4x8 Oval
Build A Slot Car Shelf Clear-Coat Your Slot Cars Custom Street Lights Installing Fences
Easy Holiday Layout SuperTires Ninco Arrows Upgrade Ninco Light Kit
SCW NASCAR Special NASCAR Front Guide Fix Cheap Trees

Adding Walls To Your Track


Installing Power Taps

Tuning The Fly Marcos

Professor Motor Controller

New 2056 Controller


Spirit Ferrari Tuning

Improved Artin Connections

Project: NOMAD

Scalextric Vectra & Audi

Samlex Power Supplies

New Indy Grips!

Slot-it Porsche Tuning

Quick and Easy Fly Mods!


Slot Car Heroes Motor Test

BWA Wheels

Great Border Making Tip!

Fly GT40 Non Magnet Tuning


Front Tire Sanding

Custom VMG Diff!

Lap Timing!

Quick Fix For Wheels!