Here Are Some Photos From

The First Annual Derby City Shootout!
(Or The 10,000 Lap Weekend - Part One)

Mark made it easy to find his house with this sign out front and his wife did Tracy did a great job hand making the flags!

There was always plenty to eat during the event. Above we see the difference between a "Slider" and a REAL Slotburger. 2 or 3 of these are just what a good racer needs. During breaks from the racing we were at pool side! Can it get much better for a race event?

What would a event like this be without celebrities? Rich McMahon on the left gets some practice in while Kurt Moser (SlotCarGarage Review Artist above in white shirt) does battle with Nick and Mark.

Mark has dual controller hook-ups so that you can choose which side of the layout you want to be on and Rich tried it out and liked it. There isn't a bad spot to race on this layout though as we all soon discovered.

On display were some of the great models Mark has been building. Both the Sprint cars and NKOK stockers on Artin Chassis were some great fun! Mark is an excellent modeler as these photos show and is always ready to help newcomers get started scratch-building.

These 4 Fly cars were one of the classes of many that we raced. All were non-magnet models and left stock except for silicones on a couple of them. I am not sure how many hours we raced these cars IROC style, but when we emerged from the basement it was quite early the next day!

After the weekend was over, we counted up all the laps and we had raced over 10,000 laps easily!

This is what home racing is all about! Just good friends getting together and trading paint in the best hobby there is.

A big thanks go to Mark And Tracy for holding this event!

I can't wait for the next one...